The official logo of the Burning Shithead Festival.


This year is the 25th Anniversary of the Burning Shithead Festival.   

Many participants choose to travel in RVs.

No million dollar headline acts, no spoiled nitrous-huffing gangsta wannabes, no muddy slam-dancers dropping gold cards, no hundred dollar entrance fees, no vendors hawking bad vegetarian food at outrageous prices, no whiny fake-folk anorexic granola grrrls sporting thousand dollar nighties and impeccable market research skills, no boring rock stars, in fact NO rock stars, in fact NO MUSIC AT ALL other that what you bring. The Burning Shithead Festival is what we make it.

One purpose alone unites us: to burn shithead.

Bond with the contestants of the Shithead [CENSORED], face death with us in the desert mountains, feel the force that drove the spontaneous emergence of DJ Ben and the Shitheads, recoil in horror at the continuing specter of the Shitheadless Horseman, gasp in shock as you see deranged festival participants smoking shithead, and much more in this incredible website!

Checkout the killer remix by DJ Ben, shithead for breakfast.

Get your official Burning Shithead gear now!  Sport this stylish gear in your office, promote Burning Shithead, and be the envy of your friends.  T-shirts, thongs, wall clocks, coffee mugs, journals, tote-bags, and much more!


By popular demand, the Redneck Confession Archive has also been added to this site.


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